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Software Quality

This is an introductory course to Quality techniques applid to Software Engineering.

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Carmen Luengo Velasco
Fernando Arroyo Montoro


Dpto. de Lenguajes, Proyectos y Sistemas Informáticos.
Escuela Universitaria de Informática.

Obligatoria, 3º curso.
Grado en Ingeniería del Software.

Last review (marzo 2012).

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Teaching hours percentage: 30%.

Number of teaching hours per week: 1 lecture + 2 instructions




This is an introductory course to Quality techniques applied to Software Engineering.



General Goal

To develope students skills for sistematic application of processes and quality standards into software development

Specific Goals

To know and to aply models, characteristics, requirement and techniques of Software Quality

To study and to aply quality metrics for Software Engineering

To study processes for quality management

To know quality standards



Case based Learning

Problem based Learning

Project based Learning

Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Master Class


Tutoring group




General Method

Continous assessment.

Course assessment

Active participation at classroom: 10%

Classroom activities: 20%

Classroom tests and exams: 25%

Final workproject: 10%

Oral exposition: 10%

Final exam: 25%

How to pass?

In order to pass the subject you have to:

Participate in the proposed teaching activities (at least the 70%).

Actively participate on thematic phorum.

Solve all the assessment questionary.

Do group projects.

Oral presentation of the final project.

Students which fail with continuous assessment or those which cannot follow it, must present every practice activity and work performed at classroom before the final exam of the Subject. Moreover, they must achieve at least a 50% mark at the final exam and to present the final workproject to teachers.

Students which prefer not to follow continuous assessment must to indicate it before March 1st.


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Copyright 2009, Autores y colaboradores. Reconocer autoría/Citar obra. Velasco, C. L., Montoro, F. A. (2010, March 08). Software Quality. Retrieved March 26, 2019, from OCW UPM - OpenCourseWare de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Web site: http://ocw.upm.es/lenguajes-y-sistemas-informaticos/software-quality. Esta obra se publica bajo una licencia Licencia Creative Commons Licencia Creative Commons