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Working With Hands

"working With Hands" is an intensive course of Athens network, held in the ETSA of Madrid on November 2011. The main objective of the course is using familiar and provoking unfamiliar actions of our hands, which will assist us to comprenhend and analyze new explorative approaches. An open issue without a direct utility - taking as a starting point the human body-allows us to deal with items that emphasize similarities and differences and opens space to reflections that persist over time.

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Atxu Amann
Tania Ugena
Lola Martínez
Anthi Kosma
Gonzalo Pardo
Efi Giannopoulou
Katerina Psegiannaki


Ideación Gráfica Arquitectónica.
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectos.


Last review (febrero 2013).

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The course was directed to European students of last three years of architectural and fine arts degree, without any special prior requirements or skills.



"Working With Hands" was an intensive course within the context of A.T.H.E.N.S (Advanced high education network) autumn announcement and was held at the School of Architecture of Madrid during the third week of November 2011. More than thirty hours a group of twenty students, coming from different European universities, along with six, Spanish and Greek, teachers, developed an innovative learning experience with both practical and theoretical sessions, all of them taught in English. “Hands” were taken as the starting point to carry out certain “defamiliarization” processes that concluded in new ways of acquiring knowledge.



The main objective of the course was to propose new strategies for promoting creativity in learning through singular practices. The common thread of these experiences were “hands” that were placed at the center of human activity, from the daily survival level to the artistic one, being contemplated as makers, models, mediums and instruments of art.

This goal, aimed to force comprehension and analysis of everyday reality, through progressive approaches of “estrangement”.

A metaphorical course with an open issue without a direct utility - taking the human body as the starting point to deal with items that emphasize similarities and differences and opens space to reflections about diversity, community and cartography.



The teaching material candidates worked with was related to all aspects of our hands. Philosophical and scientific texts were given, as well as visual references like images and videos of several artists. New images and new videos of all students modeling, painting, acting, knitting, and making all actions were produced in which clay, wool, papers, instruments like castanets and other were used.



All the activities of the course were in a continuous schedule designed to make any evaluation system through individual tasks not necessary. The attendance and the completion of the course was enough for the student to be qualified depending on the level of his or her involvement on the course.


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